Rent a Bike


Terms of Rental Bikes:

  •     A Passeios e Companhia, Lda is not responsible for any accident that occurs during the rental, warning that they meet all the rules of the highway code while using the bikes;


  • The daily rental period is comprised between 08 to 20 H H for a minimum number of bicycles 02;
  •  Includes Bike SCOTT or equivalent, helmet and emergency kit;
  •  The applicant shall be jointly responsible for the proper conservation of general equipment, including integrity of the frame and non-consumable components;


  • The rent will only be conducted with signing rental contract / terms of responsibility and on a deposit of 100 Euros or option by retaining an official document of the applicant (Identity Card or Passport);

  • Rental bicycles and child chair, subject to available reserves;


  • Missions for delivery / collection (subject to specific budget).

 Special conditions of rental:


In case of renting more than one day have the following discounts:


Days of Rental Discount

2 days


3 days


4 days


5 days