About Us

Jorge Sintra Pereira,

jorge1Started on bikes at age 15 constituting a youth group that is dedicated to Cycling, traveling the length and breadth Portugal. At 18 he was the youngest member of the Portuguese Federation direccção Bicycling and bicycle users. Later it would be one of the founders of the Association of Young Environmentalists Queluz. Between 1994 and 2004 held various events having as theme the bicycle as a means of alternative transportation.

With more than 10,000 km traveled by bicycle in autonomy, initiatives stand out:

Cycling in Strasbourg- Lisbon, in 1994 with the delivery of a message in Parliament calling for a European union to respond to the yearnings of Youth. With this first initiative at age 20, followed by the National Campaign to Fight AIDS in 1996 where 12 youth traveled the Portuguese coast by bike, raising awareness in the fight against AIDS.

The trilogy bike in the Expos would have its beginning in 1998 with the Seville-Lisbon Connection Bike to the opening of the Expo in Lisbon, followed by the largest event held today 3.100km Lisbon-Hannover Expo 2000, an event which wrote a book "Housing Kid" - the Great European Adventure preface that with Dr. Jorge Sampaio (former President of the Republic) was launched in 2012.

Since 2002 and after several and enriching professional experiences in tourism, and a decade oped these adventures, Sintra Jorge Pereira (Eng Technical Management and Planning) develops an enterprise Animation Tourism in Alentejo, mainly boosting Bike Tours by region with a mission:

Contributing to boosting tourism and recognition of the potential for active tourism and nature of Alentejo Alentejo Coast and in special

In this company of which he is managing partner, also combines other occupation that exercises: Trainer in the areas of Event and Tourism Animation Techniques.

Along its existence the Passeios e Companhia, has set up a team specializing in various areas of intervention:

Tourist-Technical Animation (with higher education in sport);

- Technical Implementation of footpaths (with certification FCMP);

- Technicians organizing events.

Sympathy and responsibility of the team are the tools for our growth over these 10 years.