Why Portugal

PORTUGAL. The country that occupies the eastern coastline of Europe, for many centuries the real end of all known world and important borderline between medieval Christian and Muslim world. Several generations later, this kingdom turned into a gate into a whole new, wide and fascinating world. 

The century of the discoveries opened the routes to the Americas and even further to the countries on the other side of the globe. It were Portuguese who brought to Europe many foreign goods, traditions and customs. Portugal became an important crossroad between European countries and the rest of the world and until today, we can enjoy all this diversity and richness of tastes, traditions and culture.


From the beaches in the south, to the mountains in the north, Portugal has a lot of to offer. The wild coastline with high cliffs above the blue, never-ending ocean, fresh breeze and sun above your head. Wide olive groves and vineyards, pine forests which can hide you in a cooling shadow. And of course, delicious food and wine. Smell of fresh baked bread, that you can eat with olives, butter or olive oil. Delicacies made of fresh fish or other sea food. Thick vegetable soups, if you need to fill your stomach with something strong, but gentle. Sweet fruit, amazing deserts. And coffee. Short. Strong. Intense. Like Portugal.

Come and discover it in your own way. No matter how experienced or not you are, we can create a perfect tour for you.


Our Passeios & Companhia team has been put together by a cycling enthusiast Jorge Sintra Pereira, and we have been providing professional services to our clients since 2002

Sympathy and responsibility are the key tools which have helped us to turn Passeios & Companhia from a small family business to an established company in active tourism industry in Portugal. We have over 100 bikes and our own car fleet. We can provide services in active tourism area, as well as the technical implementation of foot-paths with FCMP Certification in Portugal, technical support for event organizers, etc. 

We are experienced, proactive and always ready to bring new suggestions and options for our clients. If you have any special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.



Jorge Sintra Pereira (Eng. Technical Management and Planning), owner and managing director of Passeios & Companhia.

At the age of 18, became the youngest member of board of Portuguese Federation of Cycling and Bike Users. Between 1994 and 2004 was involved in various cycling events and projects and co-founded the Association of Young Environmentalists Queluz.

1994 – Strasbourg – Lisbon tour with the delivery of a message in Parliament calling for a European union to respond to the yearnings of Youth.

1996 – the National Campaign to Fight AIDS in 1996 where 12 youth traveled over the Portuguese coast on bike, raising awareness in the fight against AIDS.

1998 – Seville – Lisbon tour to the opening of the EXPO 1998 Exhibition in Lisbon, followed by the largest event in 2000, the cycling route from Lisbon to Hannover Expo in total mileage of 3 100 km. This trip is described in the book of J. Pereira “Housing Kid – the Great European Adventure” (2012) with preface written by Dr. Jorge Sampaio, the former president of Portugal.

In the following 2 decades Jorge established company Passeios & Companhia, Animation Tourism in Alentejo, with a main goal to help to develop and promote active tourism in the region of Alentejo with focus on biking and hiking tours. Nowadays, Jorge also teaches at the school for Tourism Professionals and works as a consultant in the tourism/active holidays/biking/hiking area.