Minibus Tours

No matter if you prefer a gourmet tour or classic sightseeing tour with guide, Passeios & Companhia can offer you a suitable programme for all day or just a half day. If you wish to visit some specific place, please consult the possibilities with us – here are just some of our tours with brief itinerary:

9.30 am – Pick up at the hotel

During this trip we will walk through the Natural Reserve of Sado Estuary, the real paradise for all lovers of birds and wild nature. The hard winter in most of the European countries is the reason why we can observe many species of birds, who fly to Portugal to overcome this unhostile period in their homelands.

We will visit also a small port and fishing village of Carrasqueira with its traditional houses.

01.00 pm – Free Lunch in Sines;

After the lunch we will move to Porto Covo and stop in Fortress overlooking the Ilha do Pessegueiro (Peach island).

Optional visit of the beach “Praia Grande”.

06.00 pm – Return to the hotel

9.30 am – Pick up at the hotel

Visit of the beautiful historical city of Évora with a tour focusing on the main historical sites:

Évora has more than 20 churches and monasteries, so it is not possible to see all in one day. We will visit famous Bones Chapel in Church of St. Francisco (entrance fee included); the meeting point and true heart of the city – the Geraldo Square. And of course, same as we cannot miss the famous Évora University, we will see the Roman Temple of Diana from the II. or III. cent. AD.

01.00 pm – Free Lunch in medieval city of Monsaraz, founded above the river Guadiana next to the Spanish borders. The visit of the castle, owned besides the others also by the order of the Knights of the Temple.

After the lunch we follow to the village of São Pedro de Corval, well-known for its terracotta ceramics, with colored motives on its glazing, so typical for the Alentejo region.

06.00 pm – Return to the hotel

Portugal doesn’t produce just the delicious Porto Wine! It has much more to offer! Raise your awareness of the wines produced in the Alentejo coast. The proximity of the sea and the existing temperatures make the wines from this region unique in taste and its texture.

Taste them and enjoy!

9.30 H – Pick up in the center of Lisbon

Visit of the park and the unique Palace of Pena (entry included), exceptional example of Portuguese architecture from the 19th century, built as a gift for the husband of the Portuguese Queen Mary II.

01.00 pm – Free Lunch in Sintra Village

After the lunch, we will go through the wild nature of parks in the Serra de Sintra (passing by palaces of Quinta da Regaleira, Seteais and Monserrate) where green and dense vegetation of exotic trees and bushes with small fountains, small summer-houses and other architectonic elements turns parks in Sintra into a magic and unique place, not only in Portugal.

We follow to the most western part of the continental coastline of Europe, to the lighthouse on Cabo da Roca, standing on an impressive cliff, which is 140 m high and guards the coast of Portugal. Here, the wind never stops to blow and the waves of the deep blue ocean shows the power of this water element.

We will visit the beach Guincho, a large sandy beach with the fortress standing on the rock.

On the way back to Lisbon we will stop in the city of Cascais, picturesque beach spa town on the coastline, with small beach and friendly atmosphere, large fortress with marina and beautiful relaxing park just next to it.

05.30 pm – Return to Lisbon

9.30 am – Pick up in the center of Lisbon

10.00 am – Visit of the Sanctuary of Fátima, one of the most important sacral places in Europe. This sanctuary is a destination of pilgrims from all over the world and can be compared in its importance to Spanish Santiago de Compostela or famous French city of Lourdes.

01.00 pm – Free Lunch in Fátima

02.30 pm – Arrival to the city of Batalha, an important medieval city with impressive monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória. Built as a memory on famous victory of the Portuguese king João I. in the battle of Aljubarrota in 1385. After defeating the military forces of Castilia (Spain), the Portugal existed over 200 years as an independent kingdom.

04.00 pm – last visit of this say is dedicated to queens’ town Óbidos. Beautiful medieval city with castle and large fortification wall around it and white small houses in tiny streets covered by blossoming buganvilia turned it into the one of the most visited places in Portugal.

17.30 pm – Return to Lisbon

9.30 am – Pick up in the center of Lisbon;

We will start our tour in Alfama, the quarter in the old center of the Lisbon, to see the Lisbon’ s main cathedral, called Sé in portuguese. From here, we continue to Miradouro da Senhora do Monte – one of the viewpoints with a large view over whole city with the castle and river. We will pass by the monastery of São Vicente and the National Pantheon to the Praça do Comércio (Trade square), the large square just next to the Tejo river, with the equestrian statue of the king Joseph I.

Next steps will follow to Bairro Alto – another part of the old downtown of Lisbon. We will use famous elevator Santa Justa to get to the Largo do Carmo – square with large convent and ruins of the former Carmelite church of Carmo, which was one of the largest churches in the city, before its destruction during earthquake in 1755. We will see also the seat of the Parliament and Basilica de Estrela – beautiful white church, considered as one of the finest in Portugal. The end of our tour will be in the area of Belém – we cannot miss one of the most impressive monasteries in the country, monumental white building of São Jeronimo, near by standing Monument of Discoveries and Belém Tower. And sweet dot at the end – the famous Pastel de Belém, a delicacy which after centuries still pushes people to stand and wait in a queue of Pastelaria de Belém to drink a small strong coffee with this unique desert.

02.00 pm – Return to the hotel