Hiking Tours

We love to show our clients all beauties of Alentejo coastline, its colored nature – specific vegetation and animals, mainly birds who fly to Portugal from all over the Europe, and others.

As a part of this short hiking tours, we can also explore the local traditions and customs of this region.

“Poços da Barbaroxa” –  Carretas Beach (RNLSAS)

Natural lowlands in the south part of the Natural reserve of Santo André Lagoon – a place where you
can find some endemic plants of the Litoral Portuguese Coastline.

 Alentejo – Lagoon of the Santo André
Distance (approx.): 4 km
Points of Interest: Nature and Bird Watching
Difficulty: 2/5 – Low
Duration: 2h

“A rota de Sant’ Águeda”

This hiking tour includes combination of natural beauties and ancient traditions. We can admire theheritage – the unique style of local churches in this area.

Location: Alvito – Alentejo
Distance (approx.): 7 km
Points of Interest: Nature and Local Heritage
Difficulty: 2/5 – Low
Duration: 2.5h

“Senhor dos Mártires Sanctuary”

We will walk in the city of Alcácer do Sal, the mportant place in history of salt production, with its rich history connected to Sanctuary of Senhor dos Mártires. This sanctuary is one of the oldest temples in the country, settled on the ancient necropole (existing since the Iron Age).

 Alcácer do Sal
Distance (approx.): 12 km
Points of Interest: Nature and Local Heritage
Difficulty: 3/5 – Medium
Duration: 4h

Visit with us a charming Porto Covo and one of the nicest beaches on the Atlantic coastline, the beach of the Peach Island.

Location: Porto Covo – Porto Covo FortressDistance (approx.): 4 km

Point of Interest: Nature

Difficulty: 2/5 – Low

Duration: 2h

Cabo Sardão is the only place in the world where the storks make their nests on the cliffs. You can enjoy the magnifique sea view and cliffs along the Alentejo coastline.

Location: Zambujeira do Mar – Cabo Sardão
Distance (approx.): 12 km
Point of Interest: Nature
Difficulty: 3/5 – Medium
Duration: 3h/4h

S. Luís – Vicentina Route (partial)
During this hiking tour, we will copy some old traditional paths in this region, enjoying shadow in local forests with typical cork and pine trees.

Odemira – São Luís
Distance (approx.): 8 km
Points of Interest: Nature 
Difficulty: 3/5 – Medium
Duration: 4h

The Sintra coastline offers hiking along the coastline with its high, rocky cliffs and amazing views over the ocean. We will visit the most western point of the continental Europe, famous Cabo da Roca with its beautiful white lighthouse.

Sintra coastline and Cabo da Roca.
Location: Lisboa – Sintra
Distance (approx.): 8 km
Points of Interest: Natural Heritage
Difficulty: 4/5 – Medium/High
Duration: 4h