Bike Tours

Our longest bike tour will take us from Lisbon to the southern part of Portugal. Amazing nature, rich cultural heritage and delicious food and wine will accompany us all way long to the south.

See the itinerary HERE.

Location: Alentejo coast and Algarve
Distance (approx.): 300 km
Points of Interest: The spectacular scenery of the Alentejo coast and Vincentian coast
Difficulty: Medium/Low
Duration: 7 days

Forget about narrow monotonous landscapes, come with us to enjoy the curves of Grândola region! The right space where to use our outdoor bikes, take a chance to hide bellow the olive and pine trees and observe the nature.


Location: Alentejo – Grândola
Distance (approx.): 20 km
Point of Interest: Nature and Bird Watching
Difficulty: 4/5 – Medium/High
Duration: 3h

The estuary of the Sado river is one of the most beautiful and richest natural areas on Portuguese coastline. The amount of animal species (birds, fish, dolphins, etc.) offers to spend a nice day observing this unique environment.

Location: Alentejo – Alcácer do Sal
Distance (approx.): 10 km
Points Of Interest: nature and Heritage Local
Difficulty: 2/5 – Low
Duration: 2h

Let’s ride along the river Tejo and visit some beautiful parks in Lisbon. This city of 7 hills is not very easy for riders on bikes, if they insist on seeing all important historical spots in the city. But Lisbon has much more to offer. Come with us to see that Lisbon is not only the city of white houses and blue water, but has a lot of green, too. We recommend this tour for kids!

Location: Lisbon
Distance (approx.): 7 km
Points of Interest: Nature and Heritage
Difficulty: 2/5 – Low
Duration: 2h

A shorter version of our most popular bike tour from Alentejo to the southern coastline of Algarve. During the 5 days, you will see a part of famous Rota Vicentina, amazing coastline formed by strong winds and waters of the Atlantic ocean.

 Alentejo Coast – Grândola
Distance (approx.): 250 km
Points of Interest: Culture and Natural Heritage
Difficulty: 3/5 – Medium
Duration: 5 days